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10-21-09 Eric Foster gets a paying job as a chinese pole performer from his skills learned at Mosaic. He's off to Korea for 1 month today.

Winter Performance: Past performance  See pictures from this performance here:

Tunahaki Foundation: Project Mosaic teamed up with the Tunahaki foundation to help African orphans,  we hosted them at Gymcats and did a performance with these self-taught acrobats from Tanzania.  See pictures here of the performance and clinics Project Mosaic conducted for them.  Read their blog about their trip to Gymcats

Mlisada Benefit and outreach: Project Mosaic has joined with a sister organization in Kampala Uganda. Mlisada is an orphanage where nearly 100 orphans call home. Mlisada has made amazing strides in teaching these children crucial life skills and the arts! All children are given the opportunity to join their Brass Band, Acrobatics troupe or Cultural Dance group. Their performance provide much needed funds for the orphanage while giving each child a sense of pride and a life skill. WWW.MLISADA.COM


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